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Welcome to The Coil Company!

Welcome to The Coil Company!

The Home of exclusive prebuilt coils. We are proud of having the biggest and best selection of the highest quality coils in South Africa. We manufacture most of the well knows coils, as well as big flavor, builds.

Our coils are handmade to perfection and are made with ONLY the highest quality wire @kidneypuncher. Coil building is our day job and it shows in every product in the store. Coils that are not on the highest possible standard will not be sent out.

Customer service is the most important! I will do everything in my power to make sure all our customers are happy, whether it be personal or business.
If you have any queries please feel free to contract me any time.
Thank you for your support!
For product updates and promotions follow us on Instagram @thecoilcompanyZA and like us on Facebook @thecoilcompany
  If you are in Cape Town - South Africa go visit our Main Dealer @Vape Cartel Cape Town