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Hand Crafted EPICNESS!

It all started in February 2016 when I build my first fused clapton. I love working with my hands, my wife and I are avid DIY'ers so Coil building quickly became a passion for me so much so that I quit my day job in February 2017 and officially opened The Coil Company.

The response of the community was insane and The Coil Company quickly became a name brand I am very proud of. I and extremely satisfied with perfection and I PROMISE that every set of coils that leave my shop will be PERFECT in every sense of the word.

In 2019 I appointed a Shop manager to assist with everything Coil Company related. Production almost doubled and we could get coils out much faster. I never had time to assist personal orders but now I do and that why I launched this website. I want everyone in the world to experience vaping as it should be... FLAVERFULL

-Riaan Redelinghuys


Riaan Redelinghuys AKA Mr Coil Company

Braam Karsten AKA Shop Manager